For Sale By Owner Illinois

REALTOR® MLS Listing for a low flat fee!

Sell For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and list with an agent at the same time. If a buyer agent brings you an offer, that you accept, pay that agent a commission.
If a buyer comes to you directly, you will pay no commission.
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For Sale By Owner Illinois MLS LISTING 

Sell by owner - FSBO on the MLS for a flat fee. List your property on the Illinois REALTOR® MLS for a flat fee. You are listed just like any other listing in you local MLS but you have the flexibility to sell by owner and not pay a buyer agent commission.

You are not listing your property yourself.
We are your listing agent, but instead of working for a high commission, we are working for a flat fee. We provide all the same services as any agent. There is only one REALTOR® MLS in your area, and this is where we will be listing your property.
Depending on the listing package, we can help you with pricing, contract review and contract negotiations. We are full service agents. We have done traditional 6% real estate in the past, but do it this way, because it is a fantastic service.
We  are your listing agent, however if a buyer comes to you directly as a FSBO - FOR SALE BY OWNER you can sell to them and not pay a buyer agent commission, but we are still your listing agent and still here to help you with the process (depending on listing package).

Sometimes sellers think they are doing something different, but this really is not the case.
We are listing on the same local MLS as any other agent, but instead of charging a 3% commission at closing we are charging you a low flat fee,
We have "unbundled" our services. You pay for the service that fits your needs. We are your listing agent. Your listing will look the same, as all other listings. How much you pay us to list is not mentioned on the MLS. The only commission listed on the MLS, is how much you are offering to pay the buyer or leasing agent. Illinois For Sale By Owner MLS Listing Service may be the future of real estate services for all listings as it just makes sense for home and property sellers.

FSBO 2 Sell is national network of flat fee brokers, Each office is independently owned and operated and solely responsible for their clients.


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For more than 10 years, Prello Realty, Inc., has helped individuals and investors protect their wealth. Today, we are one of Illinois most successful discount real estate brokers, we've been recognized as a Top Producer by the Chicago Association of Realtors the last 8 years. We have one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the industry. Our staff is licensed, experienced and trained to assist you throughout the home selling and/or buying process. The company was founded in 2001 by Robert Picciarello, a lifelong Chicago native and DePaul Graduate. Robert's vision for Prello Realty was simple - create a new kind of real estate company, one that actually cared about preserving equity without sacrificing customer service. He wanted to provide choices in an industry that was dominated by a few large franchises and the same old business model. Whether you're looking to sell, rent or buy a home, you can trust us to help.

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